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왘 무지무지 열심히 정글 헤매고 왔더니 우리 울림이가 달라졌어요..흐흐 무지막지하게 힘이 솟아 난다!!!크캬 인피니트 꿈 크기처럼 잴 수없는 자랑입니다~.~더 높은 하늘을 위하여! 우리들의 재능은 무한대비상해!


Wahㅋ It was very hard wandering the jungle, and when I come back, our Woollim has changed..heuheu I am outrageously energized!!! keukya I’m so proud, as INFINITE’s dream which can’t be measured~.~To a higher heaven! Our talents that are infinitely soaring!
translated by: fyeah-infinite ; take out with full credits.


[Photo] 19/10/2014 Lee Jong Suk @ Fan Meeting in Beijing

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my ideal type is female euhahahaha
my ideal type is female euhahahaha


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"He follows me because I’m the leader, 
he follows Woohyun when appearing on the shows,
but above all, Sungjong follows Hoya the most."
- Sunggyu (©)

Argh they are so cute! Hoya is so concerned about Sungjong looking pretty…